Dec. IJEM2023 Best Editor Award

J.Yan won the IJEM Best Editor Award.


Dec.28 Year-end party

We held a year-end party and a welcome gathering for the new third-year students joining next year.


Alumni members also joined us for the event!

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Karaoke group for the second party (?)


Well done this year! Let’s do our best next year, including the third-year students!

Dec.10-13 ISAAT 2023 in Taiwan

ISAAT 2023 was held in Taiwan from Dec. 10th to 13th, where Y. Yamamuro (Ph.D) and Y. Ueda (M2) gave presentation.

Arrived in Taiwan!

The conference took place at a venue in Taichung.

Commemorative photo at the conference venue.

Feast at the banquet!

There were also luxurious performances!
Well done on your presentations!

Dec.15 Keio Techno-Mall Exhibition 2023

On December 15th, We participated in the 24th Keio Techno-Mall 2023,
held at the Tokyo International Forum, showcasing our research.


Displayed numerous research samples.


Many thanks to all who came.

Dec.1 Y. Yamamuro won the Women of the Future Award(JSME)

Y. Yamamuro(Ph.D) won the Women of the Future Award from the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.


Nov.21-23 ASPEN 2023 in Hong Kong

ASPEN2023 was held in Hong Kong from Nov. 21st to 23rd, where L.Zhang(OB), R.Aoba(M1) and D.Nakano(M1) gave presentation.

Held in Hong Kong

Presentation by L.Zhang (OB)

Presentation by R.Aoba (M1)

Presentation by D.Nakano (M1)

Group photo

Oct.21~23 Recieving Best Paper Award(M2 W.Ben, Ph.D H.Takeshi)and Best Presentation Award(M2 R.Niino)at CJUMP2023

At the 17th CHINA-JAPAN International Conference on Ultra-Precision Machining Process (CJUMP2023), M2 students Ben and Niino, and Ph.D. student Hashimoto, from our research lab, attended and received the Best Paper Award (Ben and Hashimoto) and the Best Presentation Award (Niino).

At Hong Kong

A lecture by the professor was held as the Keynote Speaker.

Presentation by M2 student R.Niino.

Presentation by M2 student B.Watkins.


Oct.21 Poster session for senior students

B4 students presented their achievements so far on a poster.

Sep.23 Summer camp Day2

A pirate ship to get to the original Hakone Port

On the ship’s deck

A cable car from the harbor

We visited Owakudani!

The famous hot spring black eggs.
(photo by Professor)

Sep.22 Summer camp Day1

We held a summer camp in Hakone for the first time in 4 years.

At the Glass Forest Museum


Seafood bowls for lunch at the harbor

Cheers with everyone!

BBQ for dinner!!

Lucas and Ralph, who have recently joined, also participated!
Welcome to Japan!

Aug. B4 Watanabe Precitech Intern in US

B4 Watanabe joined Precitech as an intern in US Keen for a month.

At Precitech Headquarters

Lobster for dinner!!

Visiting Cape Cod on weekends

Visiting Zygo Headquarters

Jun.22 Seminar by Prof. Bordatchev

Prof. Bordatchev from Western University (Canada) gave a lecture.

Mar.26 Postgraduate Degree Conferring Ceremony

The Postgraduate Degree Conferring Ceremony took place today. 6 students form our lab received their degrees!

Group Photo

Keita Enomoto

Daichi Kitagawa

Shigeru Tanikawa

Toshiki Tsuchida

Kanon Minami

Fabian Brussel

Mar.23 Graduation Ceremony

Group Photo

Mar.15 Spring Conference of JSPE 2023

Dr.Zhang won the JSPE Best Paper Award.

Mar.10 IJEM2022 Best Paper Award

Y.Sato won the IJEM2022 Best Paper Award.

Mar.9 The Japan Society for Abrasive Technology 2023

Konishi won the Best Poster Presentation Award, and Wada won the Poster Presentation Award.

Mar.3 Y. Ueda won the Young Fellow Award(JSME)

Jan.27 Precitech (USA) visited our Lab

Precitech gave a presentation.